Why Choose Albert Couture for your Made to Measure suits in Lexington, KY?

You must be wondering what makes this new player, Albert Couture, in town so different than other made-to-measure suit makers in Lexington, KY. Why not just buy off-the-rack instead of a tailored suit? Why should you choose Albert Couture services and products over others? 

If we are honest then the answer to all these questions can be summed up in one sentence – “You deserve nothing but the best”.

Albert Couture is not just another tailor in town. The owner of Albert Couture – Mr. Albert Lukonga is a widely known name in the Fashion Industry and he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his customers through his home brand. We want to provide nothing but the finest products for you. We aim at being a label that focuses on people's everyday lifestyles through quality, service, and detail orientation.

To be specific, this is how we are different from anyone else in town:

  • ·We are Bespoke (Made-to-Measure) and not Custom

What’s the difference? Well the most important difference is that for made-to-measure clothing the tailor/designer has to work with great precision and follow minute detailing.

Made to Measure suits in Lexington, KY

From Jacket Pockets to trouser cuffs and from Jacket Lapels to Trouser pleats every minute detail can be designed as per your needs. All the measurements are detailed and we provide various options for different types of fit. That’s what we at Albert Couture do! Another major difference is that the quality of material used in bespoke clothing is of the highest quality. We procure the best fabrics from the mills around the globe.

  • We value your time

We know that no-body likes to wait for a longer period after placing their order. Any other custom tailor would take at least 3 weeks to ready your suit but we at Albert Couture get you the suits within 15 days.

  • You deal with the Owner Himself
Made to Measure suits in Lexington, KY

We know you don’t like to leave things to outside employees so when you are dealing with Albert Couture you are always assured that the owner, Mr. Albert Lukonga, himself is directly involved in each transaction. We do not believe in leaving your important matters to an outsourced employee and so there is the direct involvement of the owner for each order and his expertise is available as needed for every client.

  • ·Perks and Goodies

While nothing can show you how grateful we are to have you at our stores, we do offer certain perks to express our gratitude for your business. We offer a free made to measure a shirt with your suit order.

Made to Measure suits in Lexington, KY

Not only that – we also offer four months free alterations for your purchases from us. If you are a fan of suits and are buying more than 5 suits at a time then might we offer the 6th one – ON THE HOUSE!

Made to Measure suits in Lexington, KY

Please do not forget - while you are shopping do feel free to have a drink on us – we want you to feel relaxed and have fun while shopping at Albert Couture!


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