Types of Must-Have Suits for Men in Their Wardrobe – A Guide to Buy Best Bespoke Men’s Suit in Lexington, KY

Getting a Bespoke suit in Lexington, KY (also known as Horse Capital of the World) can be confusing at times owing to so many options available here. This makes choosing a suit very difficult for people who are not experts or first-time buyers. It can also be a daunting task if you are not a connoisseur. Now we know that you would want to own all the possible varieties of suits and have a walking wardrobe full of all types of suits. We always suggest that you always start with the basic type of suits first. These are the ones that are must-have – in your wardrobes. This article would cover the tips on selecting the most important suits that would cover almost all occasions and would be a perfect guide to custom clothing in Lexington, KY.

Bespoke suit in Lexington, KY

Two Button UK Blue Suit in Lexington, KY       

This is the most important one if you are considering buying your first suit. The best part of a UK Blue Suit is that it can be used on almost all occasions. From Job Interviews to Formal meeting and from court appearances to Wedding wear – a Plain Navy Suit could never go wrong. Undoubtedly, your wardrobe is not worthy if it doesn’t have a plain and elegant Navy Blue Suit. You must be wondering – what about the quality? Navy Blue is just a color. What quality should I buy? For this we would simply say that - trust the experts. Just visit the adroit and experienced tailors of Albert Couture. Book an appointment here and let our experts guide you to choose from the best quality and then design the best UK Blue Suit in Lexington, KY for you.

Two Button Black and Light Grey Suit with Vest Coat

Bespoke suit in Lexington, KY

Now you must be wondering why Black and Light Grey Suit together? Also, why with the Vest? Let us answer these one-by-one. The reason we suggest buying a black and light grey suit together is to ensure that you have a contrast in your wardrobe. When you start buying suits – you would prefer being in favor of either dark or light. Your wardrobe should cover you for all occasions and light and dark color suits do just that for you in the beginning. Ideally, it shows that you are not a stereotype with limited styling sense. Now, let us try to answer the second question – why the vest? Simply because they give more character to the suit and make one look more sophisticated. Before you ask another question about why get a vest with these two colors – let me answer them for you. A vest with either a black or a light grey suit has always been favored simply because they make you look more professional. Whether you get a vest with other colors or not is just a question of your choice but with black and light grey we would insist. You can never go wrong with it. The best tailors in Lexington, KY would give you the same advice.

Two-Buttons Charcoal Grey for Enthralling and Elegant Approach

Don’t get us wrong - black and grey are no doubt must-have suit colors too. But when it comes to present yourself differently – a charcoal grey does the perfect job. Most importantly they serve the purpose of formal wear and if you just use the Jacket – it can be used as casual wear - with casual trousers or jeans. One important thing to note here is that even a charcoal grey suit has too many variations in colors. Visit our Albert Couture store near you to get a live demonstration of the best options in Charcoal Grey suit available in Lexington, KY.

A Tuxedo / Dinner Suit

Consider all your collections in wardrobe to be pointless if you don’t own at-lease one decent Dinner Suit. If you are someone who values your appearance and likes to keep up with the current trends then don’t neglect to buy a Tux. If you attend a lot of social functions and budget is not a concern for you then might we suggest that you keep two/three different sets of Dinner Suits so that you don’t seem to be wearing the same to all occasions?

Bespoke suit in Lexington, KY

A vest with Tuxedo is very important so do not omit this. For the adventurous types we suggest that you contrast the vest with Jacket in your dinner suit. You may also visit our website for more options and guidance on special occasion wedding suits here.

A Formal Striped Suit

We have deliberately not specified color for the striped suit as we leave it to your discretion. You may want to choose some color that is missing in your wardrobe.

Bespoke suit in Lexington, KY

Stripes in the suits add charisma to the color. We have always suggested that the stripes in any suit should never be too pronounced. The simplest reason for this is you want to make yourself a little different from the crown but not entirely out-of-the-world.

A Checked Suit or Blazer with Contrast Trouser

You wouldn’t want to leave out your weekend wear from this list. This is what sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Weekend wear is typically a checked suit or blazer with contrast trouser.

Bespoke suit in Lexington, KY

The blazer can have various styling options like elbow patch, sleeve button contrast, contrasting lining and much more. An experienced designer or tailor of Lexington, KY would be more than happy to show the various options available.

For any more advice and for purchase of the best quality suits in Lexington, KY you may please get in touch with our experts and book an appointment. Our advisors at Albert Couture would be more than happy to help you out. You may also check out our website https://www.albertcouture.com or more details and other products.

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