How do I place an order? 
All shoe orders can be customized directly from the site and all made-to-measure garments require an appointment. For any assistance contact customer service via email at: 
Where are your products made?
All of our shoes are custom made in Valencia, Spain. All made-to-measure clothing are exclusively designed at our showroom in Lexington K.Y. then crafted in Napoli and Shanghai.
How long does it take to make my item?
Bespoke suiting takes 4 weeks to be completed, made-to-measure takes 2 weeks to complete, all custom shoes takes 3-4 weeks to be made, and bespoke shirts takes 2 and a half weeks to complete.
Can I return items if anything is wrong?
Yes, you can return items if they have any types of defeats for a new replacement or in-store credit only. All products are personally crafted making them non-resalable.
 Why is there no returns?
All custom items by Maison Albert Couture have a no return policy, the reason being is because they are a lot more people involved in the process of crafting and the item itself is made for your personal fit leading to a non resale value for the company.
How much is it for express shipping?
For the shoes most shipments can be manually calculated before submitting your order, if you still run into some trouble please reach out to us via Made-To-Measure suits can be rushed within 8 days for an additional fee of $60.00 per suit (two or more suits $45.00)
Can I cancel orders and how long do I have before cancelling?
We at Maison Albert Couture prefer that you cancel all order within one day prior from the order being submitting, the reason is because after submitting your custom order the work begins right away and this can lead to unfinished inventory being damaged. 
Can we do group orders for special events?
Of course, all group orders will need to be submitted at once in order to received all items at the same time. Reach out for any assistance at 
What Kind of leather do you use for all your leather goods?
We use a mixed of real leathers, mostly: Calf, Alligator, Full grain, and Suede. These leathers are used on all of our shoes, belts, bags, and leather accessories. 
Can I do any future repairs and adjustments to the garments?
Yes, all alterations are made in house unless otherwise.
Is everything on your website custom made?
Correct, Maison Albert Couture is a one stop area to design your whole fit. As each of us are unique in our own ways, we believe the same should be for true classic attires.
I just placed an order. Can I change the customizations?
We cannot make any customization changes to your order after one business day. Customization change requests via email will not be accepted. Make sure you double check your leather selection, measurements, and customizations before submitting your shoe order.
I have some ideas for a suit, can you do a custom design for me?
Not at the moment, but maybe we can collaborate in the future.
Why don’t my pockets open?
We apply temporary stitching to pockets and vents to maintain the integrity of your suit during shipment. This is meant to be temporary. Please, carefully remove the stitching with a trusty pair of scissors. 
Are the shirts dry clean only or can I machine-wash them?
Most of our shirts can be machine washed on a cold cycle and tumble dried on a low heat. To be safe, double-check the care instructions on the tag inside your shirt to make sure.
Do you make suits for children?
Yes, for this to happen schedule an appointment and come along with your child for we might need them for measurements.
Do the customizations cost extra?
All customizations and final fitting are on the house. After one month, they will be a small surcharge for any alterations that are possible for our in-house tailor. All Maison Albert Couture VIP members have lifetime alterations. Contact for more info on this.
What are the widths of your suit jacket lapels?
Here’s how our lapels (approximately) measure up, at their widest point:
  • Peak: 2.75 in / 6.99 cm
  • Wide Peak: 4.00 in / 10.16 cm
  • Notch: 2.75 in / 6.99 cm
  • Slim Notch: 2.36 in / 5.99 cm
  • Shawl: 2.75 in / 6.99 cm
Do you do suiting for women?
Yes, only in house, we will be launching a label for women that has custom shoes, suits, and casual wear.