How Do I Place an Order?

  • Shoe Orders: Customize directly from the site.
  • Made-to-Measure Garments: Require an appointment.
  • Contact Customer Service: Email or call 859-300-3570 for assistance.

Where Are Your Products Made?

  • Shoes: Custom-made in Valencia, Spain.
  • Made-to-Measure Clothing: Designed in Lexington, KY, and crafted in Napoli & Shanghai.

How Long Does It Take to Make My Item?

  • Bespoke Suiting: 4 weeks.
  • Custom Shoes: 3 to 4 weeks.

Why Is There No Returns?

  • Custom items have a no-return policy due to the personalized process and non-resale value. Defective items will be replaced.

How Much Is It for Express Shipping?

  • Custom Shoes and Leather Items: 3-week turnaround.
  • Ready-to-Purchase Items: Express fee is $35.
  • Bespoke Suits: Can be rushed within 20 business days for an additional $300 per suit.

Can I Cancel Orders and How Long Do I Have Before Cancelling?

  • Orders should be canceled within 5 hours of submission to prevent inventory issues.

Can We Do Group Orders for Special Events?

  • Yes, submit group orders at once for consistent turnaround times. Contact or call 859-300-3570 for assistance.

What Kind of Leather Do You Use for All Your Leather Goods?

  • A mix of real leathers, including calf, alligator, full grain, and suede, used for shoes, belts, bags, and accessories.

Can I Do Any Future Repairs and Adjustments to the Garments?

  • Yes, in-house alterations are available for Albert Couture items.

Is Everything on Your Website Custom Made?

  • No, the website offers both custom-made and ready-to-purchase items like polos, belts, and wallets.

I Just Placed an Order, Can I Change the Customization?

  • Customization changes are not accepted after one business day. Double-check your selections before submitting your order.

I Have Some Ideas for a Suit, Can You Do a Custom Bulk Design for Me?

  • Not currently, but future collaborations may be possible.

Are the Shirts Dry Clean Only or Can I Machine-Wash Them?

  • Most shirts can be machine washed on a cold cycle and tumble dried on low heat, but dry cleaning is also an option.

Do You Make Suits for Children?

  • Yes, schedule an appointment and bring your child for measurements.

Do the Customizations Cost Extra?

  • Customizations and final fittings are free. Alterations after one month may incur a small fee. VIP members receive lifetime alterations.

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