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When it comes to custom clothing all deficiencies are eliminated in order to improve fit and comfort. From some of the world’s best fabrics we start creating unique pieces to personally match your lifestyle. The opportunities are endless & our designer guides you through it all. We accurately measure you at our showroom & measurements are then captured to smooth the process & save time for future meetings.




The Process

1). The journey starts with you at Albert Couture’s Showroom with a beverage of your choosing in hand. Before tackling things, we first get to know each other by you answering a few questions about your pros & cons on your full attire. we will also touch on your needs & preferences for better accommodation. Our goal here is to craft something that resonate with your everyday lifestyle. Then we look at some inhouse examples & based on your budget we put together something that fits your personality.

Fabric Selection

2). Loro Piana, Style Bella, Drago, Dormeuil, Holland&Sherry, & more. Just like us, our Mills have a well respected reputation across the globe & are not planning on stopping anytime soon. You will get to see, feel, & match any swatch that attracts your eye whether Cashmere, Linen, Virgin Wool, Plaid, or Cotton.

Inches or Centi-Meters

3). After going through our waiver, now you can take a breath & relax, it’s time for your measurements. With much patience, care, & precision we measure all important parts of your body for the right fit. Through each number we discover that your perfect fit starts to unfold. Together we start to build a garment that feels like second skin.

It All Comes Down to Details

4). Now the exciting part. Every little details are made with precise focus to get the perfect garment. Buttons, plain, cuffed bottoms, double breasted or two button, full or half lining, peak or notch lapel. The garment starts to get your character. Be patient  with us, it’s almost over. All information are submitted & sent to our Factories whether in Shanghai, Valencia, or Napoli.

10 Days Later ..

5). Welcome Back! We are glad to have you back for your sample fitting, adjustments are made (if needed) from this first look, while you walk around our showroom we investigate all the details around body movement.

20 Days Later 

6). Your finale garment is here & ready for pickup

Those Little Finish Touches

6). A garment’s best friend is the right shirt and shoes. Choose & customize your own loafers, slippers, boots, or monks to meet your comfort while walking in your suit.. then finally back to the mirror (while holding your drink) say hello to the new you.


See you back soon.

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