Albert Couture Waiver

Welcome to the family of ALBERT COUTURE where we are always striving to improve your lifestyle. We offer the best and most unique essentials to fully accommodate your everyday style. Written below are small details to help you fully understand how we will be able to service you in the best way possible. This is NOT a bidding contract of any sort, but a CONFIRMATION to help you understand our policy and process of craftsmanship. PLEASE, CAREFULLY READ THEN CLICK THE “ACCEPT" BUTTON before submitting your fitting appointment.

Our Process

First, you set up an appointment with us to sit with our designer, we charge a non refundable rate of $99 US dollars (1hr) which will be deducted towards your purchase via in-Store. If no purchases are made during your appointment the fee will be for the time spent to meet with our designer. All of our garments takes approximately 4(four) -6(six) weeks to be crafted and delivered to our showroom      ( located Downtown Lexington Kentucky) or (if preferred) right at your doorstep (charges may apply). We will contact you if we have any questions or concerns during the making of your garment via email or phone number you provided during your consultation.

Returns | Refunds

Bespoke means that all of our items are sketched and crafted according to the customer’s ideas and measurements taken. For this being the reason, we do NOT offer any refunds under any circumstances. This is standard practice for any bespoke, couture or made-to-measure products as there is no Resale value. Instead, the client will be offered a one time free re-make of the same design and fabric. ONLY….. if the defects are caused by us.



All orders can be cancelled within the first 5(five) hours from the order being submitted to our factory. We will do our best to fully accommodate your request ONLY within this time frame, anything after the first 5(five) hours from the order being processed will NOT be accepted. We understand that things happen in life, but we advice you to contact us within this time frame to be fully accommodated.

Weddings | Special Events

We would like to start of by saying congratulations and thank you for choosing us to accommodate you on your best day/special event. We urge that you book your appointment 2 months prior to your event date to properly start planning for the day to come. This will give enough time to fully have all the details in order to fully  service you in the best way possible.


Our in-store tailor will be allowed to determine if the item can be altered in any way possible under our stitch policy. Our stitch policy will only be valid for 4 months and then the client will be charged a small fee that goes to our in-store tailor for any alterations requested. This policy ONLY covers ALBERT COUTURE’s products. Time frame of alterations will be determined by our tailor and all details will be sent to the client via email. ONLY accidental tears will be accepted in this policy.


All payments are required up front and in full before moving forward with the making of the item. Payments are accepted in the following methods; AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD, DEBT, CHECK, and CASH. A full refund will be reimbursed only if the order is cancelled within the first 5 hours prior to being submitted.