Política de envío

Before reading and agreeing to operate our website, we advice that you carefully and thoroughly read the terms and conditions below. If you decide to skip this part and move forward to using the site then please be advised that you have fully agreed and are bound to all policies and regulations mentioned below. The words; “we”, “I”, “us”, and “my” all implies to Albert Couture. As the owner and primary operator of www.albertcouture.com we have reserved all and every rights to make changes to our regulations and policies without any consent explaining to you why it may be. All users will be responsible to log-in and read the terms and conditions at any and every time they please. If you do not accept or skeptical about our terms and conditions then we ask that you fully stop and log off from all sites owned by Albert Couture. We do not advice you making orders to our sites via third parties nor others users accounts. In other words, whether it is indirectly or directly we ask that you do not access all and every information, products, and content of Albert Couture.

Albert Couture is a custom clothing company for all men globally. All garments are handcrafted and designed based on our customer preferences. The processing begins by just logging into our website and choosing the product you prefer with options of making a few personal changes of your own. Some of the tweaks to choose will be; different buttons, peak lapel, side boat pockets color, sole, monogram, and etc. The user will then be asked to add their measurement by using a measurement tape and a partner for assistant, with instructions on how to effectively execute this process in place by video and subtitles available in French, English, Germany, Arabic, Chinas, Portuguese, and Italian. The other option will be for clients to go to one of their nearest Albert Couture location and see one of our tailors for assistant. All clients do have options to book their private tailoring appointment 2 months in advice giving us time to prepare. Please be advised that if you are ordering a bespoke shirt or suit we recommend that you go to our physical location or book a private tailoring appointment 2 month prior. In this case we as a company and brand will be able to give all clients the personal and professional experience we are always striving for with an excellence fit. Before submitting the order, all clients will be asked to agree to our waiver of non return policy due to all items being personal made and captures non resell value. All process color appearance depends on your monitor screen setting, because of this we cannot guarantee that the colors set by your screen will be exact when you receive your item in the package.

As mentioned above, your computer monitor screen setting may affect the original color of the item you order. Due to this Albert Couture will not be held responsible for this matter for this is out of our control.
All order can and will only be processed if the user/client followed our order process accurately and add a payment method in place.
All products by Albert Couture are subject to availability. This indicates that we will not always be able to deliver the order you made. In this situation, We will reach out to the client via email to let them know that the product requested is not available. So in replace, the client will have an option to order a different product of the same value as the one not available, or one with a slightly higher quality value from the original.

We provide free shipment for all products over the price of $500 US dollars and all order below this price range will be changed a flat rate fee of $9.93 US dollars. All M-T-O(Made to Order) shoes will be delivered within 25 - 26 days from the date of payment received. Although the date provided above is not a ensure one just an estimated one, this delivery date may very during holidays. We ask that you check when the order will be delivered after submitting your order with us to be certain. Albert Couture guarantees delivery except in major situations which are out of our control such as; weather related conditions, events that have an effect towards our delivery process, difficulties in reaching the client, errors in the shipment information given by the client, legal procedures, and holidays. All M-T-M(Made to Order) suits will be delivered within 3 weeks of the payment received.
Getting The Right Fit
We at Albert Couture fully understand what it means to not have items that fit you right and this is why we are here to solve this major problem that have exhaust and annoyed everyone. Albert Couture provides the perfect fit guarantee and we would like to ensure all of our customer this by:
Covering our end of the bargain by partnering with the best craftsmen in Napoli, Italy for all of our suits and Valencia, Spain for our shoes.
Providing you with a replica of the same item order free of charge along with your new measurements.
At Albert Couture all products are 100% handcrafted for the individual and in order for us to fully refund you for the item purchased the following information will need to be provided.
Send us an inquiry via your profile with photo of the invoice received from your tailor attached.
We will then refund you the full cost and fees on that invoice back into your credit card within three business days (72 hours) from when the inquiry was received, or provide you a refund in store credit.

All remakes products will need to be the same as the original product.
All original product will have to be returned before making the remake product.
If customer decided to change the style and fabric from the original one an additional charge will be made to them for this makes the remake different from the original style and along with the price of the new fabric chosen.
If the original fabric is out of stock then the customer will be asked to choose from similar fabric free of charge.

The following conditions apply for the customer to be fully refunded on the adjustment made by the local tailor.
A complaint must be filed with Albert Couture within a week from when the order was received.
All cost will be reimbursed only if a real invoice photo copy is submitted within a week from when the order was received
The customer will be refund in-store credit If the invoice is received after a week to 2 weeks from when the order was received.

We do not provide any voice communication, so you will not be able to find any phone number related to us on our website or indirectly. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at:
www.albertcouture.com (contact page)
Directly email us at questions@albertcouture.com