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Albert Lukonga was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo during the country's political crisis that made life a little hard to survive. His mother, a tailor and designer, worked hard in the fashion industry to put food on the table for ten children. Eventually, sustaining this on her own became impossible to achieve. The family decided to leave the country for safety reasons into Zimbabwe where they lived for 6-7 years in the refugee camp. In 2006, his family got a resettlement to the United States. Once settled in Lexington, Kentucky, Albert attended high school where he played soccer and was known as the sharpest dressed kid. This was when he met his soccer moms (Mrs. Jones and Paula) who helped mold him into the man he is today. As a child, Albert had always dreamt of having his own label someday and used all his resources to curve himself a path towards this dream. In 2011, Albert lost Mrs. Jones to breast cancer and his life was once again overturned. At this point he chose to channel his energy into the sales and retail world while attending college. Since school was not always his preference, he wanted to learn everything there was about business to achieve his dream. Albert wanted to have a label that focused on an individual's everyday lifestyle through quality, service, and detail. He traveled to Europe to meet some of the best people in the industry that could help bring his dream into a reality; thus, ALBERT COUTURE was born. Today, Albert currently lives in Lexington KY, where he continues to run his ALBERT COUTURE label as the CEO and Founder.

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Albert, it was a pleasure to get to meet you. I was encouraged and inspired by your presence and your insights. There is no doubt that your brand is extraordinary and will impact many lives. All the best to you as you pursue your dreams!

Warmest Regards, Kevin

Kevin West enero 31, 2020

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