Men's Holiday Fashion: A Guide for Dressing to Impress

The holiday season is just around the corner and, naturally, we all want to look our best at company parties, family celebrations and restaurant outings.

Arguably, men have much fewer options than women when it comes to dressing up, but that doesn't mean they don't need (or want) to make an effort. Quite the contrary!

If you are not sure what to wear for the upcoming holidays, read on - we have a few useful tips with you!

1. Thanksgiving

For most people, Thanksgiving is the holiday they celebrate with relatives they only see a couple of times a year, so it's normal to want to show them how successful - and well-dressed - you are. You can never go wrong with understated elegance and a calm, neutral color palette.

2. Christmas

One of the most festive days of the year, Christmas calls for a beautifully curated outfit, but at the same time it allows for more casual looks than the other end-of-year holidays. Feel free to throw on a sweater over your smart shirt, and a pair of stylish slippers, just make sure you don't compromise on the quality of your clothes!

3. New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is the time to go all out and wear your most glamorous fashion look. On this one day, anything goes! Experiment with colors, prints and cuts, but don't forget about style: a pair of handmade shoes and a smart suit are always a good foundation for a New Year's outfit, no matter what you choose to accessorize with.


4. Date Night

While date nights are not holidays, they are most definitely special occasions. Everyone wants to look their best on date night, whether it is their first date or one hundredth, and it is never easy to decide what to wear, but you can always make it easier for yourself by having a high quality classic outfit for those occasions. If you can, get yourself a made-to-measure suit - it will make a world of difference! An off-the-rack suit will never fit as perfectly and elegantly as a Made-to-Measure one.


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