Bespoke Suits in Lexington, KY: Made-To-Measure vs Off-the-rack

Finding proper menswear in Lexington, KY can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to look. This is especially true in the case of purchasing suits. One always gets confused about whether to just buy off the rack or buy bespoke suits in Lexington, KY. This blog covers the basics of whether to go for a made to measure suit or just buy readymade from the stores.


So there are numerous factors on which your selection would depend on. Let us try to analyze each of them as below:



If you are someone who simply needs a great fit and cannot live with minor up/downs in fitting then we recommend that you just wear a tailored suit. Even if you fall into the category of regular body type – it would be very difficult to find a suit that fits just perfectly to your body. On the other hand a bespoke suit or custom one would guarantee a great fit. You don’t need to worry about minor issues like the sleeves being too long or short or the length of the Jacket or trousers being irregular.


A proper made to measure suit would give you a feeling as if it were a part of your body. A good bespoke suit in Lexington, KY is not very easy to find and so we recommend you to Albert Couture whose tailors are not only experienced but also adroit enough to make that perfect fit suit for you. You may book an appointment here with one of the designers from Albert Couture.

Body Type:

It is very important to know whether or not you fall into the category of people who have a normal body type. If you are someone who can simply fit in size 42 or generally choose and be happy from saying Size L or XL then you might be able to find a lot of options.

bespoke suits in Lexington, KY

People who have irregular body measurements might find it difficult to get their suits off the rack and they need a designer to make suits for them. But even if you fall in the category of people who can fit in off the rack sizes – you might need to get some alterations done to ensure that there are no loose ends.


Many would argue that this should be on the top of the list. Well, we would go ahead and simply say –it depends. The most important reason to list budget as an important factor in making choice is that ideally a bespoke suit is expensive compared to off the rack. Bespoke suits or custom suits are generally made as per the requirements and specifications of clients. There is no mass production involved and each product is unique in itself and hence they are expensive. If money is not a constraint for you then undoubtedly we would say because you could never go wrong with a custom or bespoke made-to-measure suit. Whereas what you see in off-the-rack stores is a result of mass production. They save the cost on account of this and hence they are cheaper compared to the custom suits. So if you are a little tight on the budget then may we suggest that you select something readily available from the stores?

Customization requirements

In the case of readymade store garments are usually supplied with specified designs. It is very difficult to add any more customizations to those attires. Even if one would offer to do these customizations – they would be nothing compared to what one is offered by a designer suit.

bespoke suits in Lexington, KY

If you are not a fan of too many customizations in a suit then off the rack would be just perfect for you. You will get a lot of options and variety to match your needs. Coming to buying custom menswear in Lexington, KY – the designers and the tailors here have a lot to offer. At Albert Couture you would get a lot to choose from when it comes to customizations. You would get a feeling that you – yourself are the ones making the suit. Styles, Colours, materials, monograms, fitting and even the minutest details are taken care of by us and we make sure that all of this is done as per your needs and requirements.

Personal Designer

Now if you are someone who has always fancied having your designer then without any doubt you may just go for a specialist in custom clothing. Personal designers are great assets to be associated with. They guide you on each styling requirement and keep introducing you to the latest trends. You can never go wrong if you have your designer.

bespoke suits in Lexington, KY

We do understand that it is not easy to find a good personal designer. If you are someone in need of bespoke suits or shirts and needs your designer to do it for you, please visit Albert Couture for any or all menswear Lexington, KY. It might not be a bad idea to get a personal designer for yourself, isn’t it?


There is a vast difference in the number of options available in stores vs the number of options a personal designer can provide you. In stores you have to make a selection from the limited stock available based on your sizing whereas in case of custom tailors you don’t have to worry about the fitting during selection. All the attires are made as per your specifications and there is no need restriction to selection material or style variations.

bespoke suits in Lexington, KY

The best part about the custom clothing is that they are always in pace with the latest trends and keep getting what’s latest in fashion. So if you need a lot of variety to choose from then we suggest you go for Designer suits instead of off the rack. You will have ample options to choose from and then design the entire attire as per your requirements.

If you need further details on the best-tailored suits and clothing to connect with us now.

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