A Guide to Choosing Dress Shoes in Lexington, KY

The Monk Shoe is one of the most traditional footwear styles ever. Tasteful yet stylish, they can be slipped here and there and are ideal for a gentleman. Their finely made structure gives it the custom look with a sophisticated note. Whereas, the straps themselves add a tone of perkiness to any outfit.


To assist you with shaking these strictly named dress shoes, here are the most ideal approaches to style Monk-strap shoes and tips and tricks to choose from various types of monk shoes available in Lexington, KY.

The distinction between Single Monks and Double Monks

Characterized by the single expansive strap that closes over the instep and attaches utilizing a seat clasp outwardly, the main distinction between a single and double monk is the number of straps used to secure the shoe.


Something else, the monk strap is a customarily planned, low-fitting tied shoe with an upper that is produced using three calfskin pieces. To give the wearer an increasingly agreeable fit, the monk-strap utilizes a more extensive tongue contrasted with different shoes to help secure it around the lower leg. All things considered, the double monks offer an extra strap, which in principle takes into consideration a superior fit — particularly for littler or smaller feet.


Ok, now the unceasing inquiry – single or double monks? Numerous conversations have swelled into banters over this very inquiry; in any case, it comes down to your inclination. Both single and double monk ties add adaptability to your closet. The single monk tie is downplayed and has a cleaner outline, making it appropriate for business and formal clothing. Then, the double monk buckle gives the ideal chance to give some character. Their edgier appearance functions admirably for easy-going and business easy-going events, just as weddings and gatherings. Albert Couture prides itself on providing the best quality customizable monk shoes to you in Lexington, KY. Please check out our latest stock on our website www.albertcouture.com

Ready-To-Wear versus Bespoke Monks

Albert Couture Custom Monk Straps Dress Shoes for Men


Ready-to-wear shoes consistently have a couple of gaps in the buckles to give them a formal look whereas most bespoke monks will just have one opening since they are flawlessly fitted. At Albert Couture you get a lot of variety to choose your Monks from. We also allow customizing these beautiful monks so that you can match it with your attires. Check out our latest monk shoes in Lexington, KY here.

Tips to Select your Monks

  • For business or formal clothing, the cleaner outline of the single monk works best.
  • Select double monks for a party or with tuxedo over evening dinner.
  • Use Black Monks with a Black or Dark suit, Oxford shirt, and tie.
  • If you are wearing shorts with monks then we suggest that you don’t wear socks.

Shoes in Lexington, KY

If you are looking to buy the best quality Monk Shoes in Lexington, KY then you may please visit us at www.albertcouture.com and browse through our latest collection of monks with fascinating customization options.

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